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The Silo Caboose

It was October 2010 when the Lewiston Village board narrowly approved a measure 3-2 to bring a train to the Lewiston waterfront.  Board members, and some community members  were opposed to plan because it was believed that it may appear unattractive or may possibly obstruct views of the waterfront but Silo owner Alan Hastings had a different vision!


Hastings was willing to invest about $100,000 to convert the former Canadian National Railroad car into a full-service ice cream stand in an effort to make his restaurant more customer friendly and further promote tourism in the Niagara River Region. He knew that the Great Gorge Railway had been the backbone of local tourism before and he had identified a delicious way to use an old caboose to make that happen again!


It was his hope that in time “The Caboose” as it is now affectionately known to locals, would become a place for local community members to make summer memories. For young and old to come together and an interesting spot  for inquisitive tourists to visit and learn more about our local history -  and it turns out he was right.


Now employing dozens of local employees and efficiently serving upwards of 1000 people daily, the caboose is home to over 40 different flavors of locally made Perry’s Ice Cream, custom custard, floats and creative one of a kind sundaes -  including one made especially for man’s best friend!   The Caboose is the perfect complement to the Silo Restaurant and has become a staple in the community and an attractive, fun and tasty place to make summer memories.  


Stop by this Summer and challenge yourself to the famous Sand Dock Sundae Challenge! An actual bucket load of ice cream, topped with “ dirt” and “worms” and served with a shovel for a spoon! If you finish it, you will receive a t-shirt to go along with your bragging rights! Click here to learn more:


Or view our menu here:  

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