caboose2In 2010, the Silo Restaurant expanded it’s operation by moving the old caboose from Ted Mar’s to the waterfront.  The caboose was run down and hadn’t been taken care of for years but the historical significance of using a caboose was important to Richard and Alan Hastings.  The Great Gorge Highway brought tourists to the Lewiston waterfront in the 1930’s, making it a tourist hot spot.  Dick and Alan wanted a traincar to once again bring families and tourists to the Niagara Riverfront and had the vision to do so!

The caboose serves as the Silo’s Ice Cream operation, which provided more space for customers in the Silo while ordering food.  The Silo also added more seating outside which was seen filled on warm summer afternoons.

We hope you’ll join us this summer and try one of our ice cream specialities like our haystack brownie sundae!